Delay data and punctuality for train FLX 1240

 Route: Stuttgart Hbf - Berlin Gesundbrunnen » Schedule

Scheduled route: Stuttgart Hbf » Heidelberg Hbf » Darmstadt Hbf » Frankfurt(Main)Süd » Fulda » Gotha » Erfurt Hbf » Halle(Saale)Hbf » Berlin Hbf (tief) » Berlin Gesundbrunnen

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FLX 1240

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Attention: All data is taken over from timetable services without being checked! There is therefore no guarantee for correctness! Therefore it is completely pointless to write me mails pointing out the discrepancy between the actual situation and the values shown here!

The extended train delay information is always only partially available. The information given here is all that was requested. There is no other (hidden) information in the database that I could provide by mail or similar!